Why upgrade to version 4?

Why upgrade to version 4?

The Protel LTS PBX application runs on Linux Ubuntu Server as its base operating system. Protel LTS version 3, first released in 2013, requires Linux Ubuntu 12.04.  This version of Ubuntu reached end-of-life in June of 2017, and as of January 1, 2018, nexMatrix is no longer releasing software updates for version 3 PBX systems.

You can determine which Protel version your PBX is running by logging into the PBX web user interface as an administrator, and clicking on the "About" link, under the "Maintenance" tab.

Protel LTS version 4, which we first released in the Spring of 2016, runs on the current Long Term Stable version of Ubuntu, 16.04.  This release does not reach end-of-life until 2021.

All of the PBX products in the nexMatrix Protel line run the Asterisk telephony engine as the core underlying service that controls most PBX functions.  Upgrading to Protel v4 means that you are not only upgrading to the latest Linux OS, you are also moving from Asterisk v3 to Asterisk v13, and your PBX will support future upgrades as they become available - without intrusive maintenance.

It is important to note that nexMatrix will continue to provide support for v3 PBX units after Jan. 1, and your unit will continue to function normally.  We do, however, urge our resellers and end users to upgrade to version 4 as soon as possible.  You can schedule a guided field upgrade session with our support staff, which takes about 2 hours, or you can ship the unit to us for upgrade in the factory.  Version 3 PBX units that are covered under a current support plan are eligible for upgrade at no cost.   The field upgrade procedure is covered in detail HERE.  Please contact your account manager, or our support team, at 855-639-6287 to discuss your upgrade options.

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