Voicemail Instructions

Voicemail Instructions



press the “mail” button on your phone (or dial 98#) to access the voicemail system.  Enter your password and listen to the prompts.


Press 0 from the main menu to access mailbox options.  You should record a standard greeting (option 1), and also record your name (option 3).  The extended absence (temporary) greeting will be invoked if you record a greeting there. To turn off the extended absence greeting, select 4 from the mailbox options, then press 2 to cancel this greeting.



1            Play the first message.  Press  1 again to bypass the envelope information

6            Play the next message.  Press  1 to bypass the envelope

7            Delete the current message.   Press  7 again to undelete

9            Save the current message, followed by the number of the folder to save it in.  If you go to the next message without saving the current one, it will be saved automatically to the old messages folder.

#            Skip ahead 5 seconds in the current message

*            Jump back 5 seconds in the current message



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