Installation Steps for Ubuntu Server

Installation Steps for Ubuntu Server

The Protel LTS software can be installed onto any bare-bones computer if it meets these minimum hardware requirements:
Dual-Core CPU, 64-bit AMD architecture
8 Gb RAM
Solid State (recommended) or standard hard drive with a minimum capacity of 50 Gb
Network interface card
Connection to a LAN router that has access to the internet and that can be configured for port-forwarding
To prepare the hardware for the installation of Protel software, you must install a server operating system on it.  For Protel LTS v.4, install Ubuntu Server 16.04 by following these steps:
  1. Prepare USB or DVD boot media by downloading the Linux Ubuntu Server image here:  
  2. Connect the USB key drive, or a USB DVD drive with the disc, to a USB port on the host computer
  3. Connect a USB keyboard and a compatible video monitor to the host computer
  4. Boot the server to the Ubuntu install image
  5. At the first screen, confirm that you want to install Ubuntu Server
  6. For the next several screens regarding language and keyboard detection,. just hit enter on each one to accept the default.  
  7. For the network ID (SSID) type:   Protel-LTS-[box code]   substituting the 4-letter box code provided by nexMatrix
  8. When you get to the screen that asks you to enter a user account, type:   voip   this will be the full user name as well as the login name.
  9. For the password enter admin    the installer will warn you that this password is insecure.  Proceed anyway (unless nexMatrix has instructed you otherwise
  10. When the server gets a DHCP address from your LAN, it will auto-configure time zone settings.  Accept the default.
  11. For disc partitioning, accept the default at each step.  If you are installing to a previously used disc, accept the defaults to remove existing partitions first.
  12. The installer will proceed with the OS.  When it asks you if you want automatic updates, say NO.  If it asks you if there is a proxy server, say NO.
  13. When the process gets to the Additional Software step, you will be asked which packages to add.  The basic utilities will already be selected.  You need to add SSH Server:  arrow down to the Open SSH entry, press the space bar to select it.  Press Enter to proceed.
  14. When the installer is nearly finished, it will ask you to confirm the installation of the Grub boot loader.  IMPORTANT:  if you have been installing from a USB thumb drive, make certain that you do NOT select that device to install the Grub loader to.  Install to the SSD or HDD that you formatted at the beginning of the install process.
  15. When installation is complete, the server will reboot.  Disconnect your installation media to force the computer to boot from its hard drive
  16. When the login prompt appears, use the voip/admin credentials you created at the beginning
  17. Find the IP address of the server by typing ipconfig  
  18. Forward TCP port 22 and TCP port 80 in your router to the PBX IP.  Give the WAN IP address of your internet connection to nexMatrix support
The OS installation should take no more than 30 minutes.  nexMatrix will need a minimum of 30 minutes after getting remote access to the server on port 22 to install the Protel LTS application.  During that install, the passwords will be reset and you will be provided with new login credentials.

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