nexMatrix Telecom Customer Billing Portal

How to use the nexMatrix Customer Billing Portal

If you receive SIP trunk service or hosted PBX services from nexMatrix Telecom, your billing account is accessible through our secure online portal:
Your account number is your user name.  If you don't know your account number, or if you need to request a password reset, click here to open a ticket with our support staff, or you can send an email to


Use the links under the Accounts tab to update your account information, update your payment method, or reset your portal password.
Use the links under the Billing tab to view/download current and past invoices.  You an also generate a custom call detail report by using the Audit Report tool.
Use the links under the DIDS/TFNS tab to view all of the telephone numbers on your account, set forwarding - including the number your calls will forward to if your SIP trunk connection is down, and set/modify 911 responder address information.

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