12/16/2015 Caller ID override for 911

12/16/2015 Caller ID override for 911

note:  a complete guide to 911 programming is posted here

We are pleased to announce that an additional tool has been deployed in Protel LTS that further refines the ability to route 911 calls by allowing you to override the trunk default or extension-specific caller ID.

The FCC has recently mandated that Telecom carriers must begin providing more specific location information for emergency service calls over the next few years, requiring the address information to be accurate within 50 meters.  For example: a customer that occupies several floors in one building must now include the floor number in the 911 address record.  With the functionality rolled out today for Protel LTS, you can program an override so that a 911 call from a particular extension will send a different caller ID than the trunk default, or the normal caller ID sent by that extension.  This allows you to inexpensively acquire new DIDs that will only be used for 911 services, and register the physical address for each DID to include the floor, suite or building number.

For customers who are already using SIP service for their outbound calls, this allows you to maintain a common caller ID for normal calling but still transmit a location-specific caller ID for emergency calls.  For customers who are using POTS or PRI for their outbound calls, the update that we released earlier this year already gives you the ability to specify a SIP trunk for these calls and bypass the pilot caller ID assigned by your PSTN carrier.

To deploy this feature in Protel LTS:The menu listing under Trunks and Configurations should now have an additional link called Specify Caller ID for Destinations.  If you don't see this, run a manual Update PBX command from the Maintenance menu.In this section, you can specify any calling destination - not just 911 - and be able to override caller ID to anything you want.  If you are already using SIP for outbound calling, you don't need to do anything else in the PBX.  If you are using PRI or POTS for calling, you will also need to use the Specify Trunks for Destinations section in order to have 911 calls use a SIP trunk for those calls.  You will, of course, need to contact your SIP provider to make certain that the complete address information, including floor/suite number, is included in the 911 record for the caller ID you are using.  If you are using nexMatrix SIP service, your account portal has an online tool available for setting this up.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or help in getting this new function working for your customers.

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