1. Burn a Ubuntu Server 16.04 install DVD disc.  Download the disc image from http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/ For a Protel 2106 or 3510 wall mount, use the 32-bit i386 server install image. For all other Protel models, including the 3510 1u rack mount, use the 64-bit AMD64 server install image.  Now you will need to determine if your PBX server will boot from a USB drive:
  2. Connect a USB keyboard and an appropriate video monitor to the PBX.  Depending on your PBX hardware, the monitor connection may be VGA, DVI or HDMI.
  3. Connect a USB DVD drive to the PBX, with the Ubuntu install disc inserted, and reboot the PBX. 
  4. When the motherboard splash screen appears on the monitor, press F2 to enter the server BIOS menu, and navigate to the boot options screen.
  5. If the USB DVD drive appears in the boot menu as an option, you are now ready to proceed with a guided field upgrade session.  Please schedule this with nexMatrix support at 855-639-6287.

If your PBX server does not present the USB DVD drive as a boot option, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain an internal (SATA) DVD Drive.  You will need a Molex-to-SATA power adapter cable like this one:

  • You will also need a SATA drive data cable like this one:

  1. Disconnect the power cable from the PBX and remove the case cover.  Locate an unused Molex power connector in the cable bundle coming from the power supply, and connect the DVD drive to it.  
  2. Locate the SATA cable that is connecting the PBX internal hard drive to the mother board, then connect another SATA cable from the DVD drive to any open SATA port - adjacent to where the hard drive is already connected.  
  3. Connect a USB keyboard and a video monitor to the PBX.
  4. Power up the PBX, which should now also power the DVD drive.  Insert the Ubuntu install disk and close the tray.  Power down the PBX, then power it back up again.  The PBX should automatically boot from the DVD.  If you see the normal boot sequence on the monitor, and not the Ubuntu install screen, you will need to adjust the PBX server BIOS to force a DVD boot.  Reboot the PBX and press F2 when you see the splash screen.  Navigate to boot options and select the DVD drive.
  5. When you see the Ubuntu install screen, you are ready to proceed.  nexMatrix support will guide you through the remainder of the OS installation process.