The Protel PBX application runs on Linux Ubuntu as its base operating system. Protel LTS version 3, first released in 2013, requires Linux Ubuntu 12.04.  This version of Ubuntu has been scheduled by the Linux community for end-of-life in June of 2017.  This means that no further updates will be released for 12.04 after that time, and accordingly, nexMatrix will stop releasing updates for Protel LTS v3 premise PBX servers as of January 1, 2018.

Protel LTS version 4, which we first released in the Spring of 2016, runs on the current Long Term Stable version of Ubuntu, 16.04.  This release does not reach end-of-life until 2021.

All of the Protel family of PBX products use the Asterisk Linux telephony engine as the core underlying service that controls most PBX functions.  Upgrading to Protel v4 means that you are not only upgrading to the latest Linux OS, you also moving from Asterisk v3 to Asterisk v13, and your PBX will support future upgrades as they become available - without intrusive maintenance.

It is important to note that nexMatrix will continue to support v3 PBX units after Jan. 1, however we strongly urge our resellers and end users to take advantage of our field upgrade program.  Any PBX that is covered under a current support/update plan is eligible for a guided field upgrade support session for no cost.  There will be a $250 fee to upgrade a v3 PBX that has opted out of our update & support plans.