If you have a backup file that was created on one Protel PBX and you need to apply it to a different Protel server, you can use the web UI to download the backup file to your computer, then upload it through the web UI of the replacement PBX.  However, HTTP file upload limitations do not allow files in excess of 100 Mb to be manipulated in this manner.  If your backup file is 100 Mb or larger, you will still be able to download the file onto your computer, but you will need to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application to move it to the new PBX.  You then have to execute a command from the Linux CLI to install it and make it available for the Web UI to apply.

  • If you do not have an FTP application on your computer, you will need to install one.  For Windows, WINSCP is a free FTP utility. https://winscp.net/eng/download.php
  • Use the FTP client to log into the PBX that you want to install the backup onto, using the pbxadmin user name and password.
  • Drag the .nexmatrix backup file from your computer file listing on the left to the pbxadmin home directory on the right and wait for the upload to complete.
  • Log into the CLI as pbxadmin, either via SSH (Putty on Windows), or with a direct monitor/keyboard connection to the PBX.
  • Type sudo installNexMatrixBackup backupfilename.nexmatrix     (note the space after sudo, the space after Backup, and note the upper case letters in the command). You will need to use the actual exact file name of the backup.  You may want to copy and paste this from the FTP listing to ensure it is correct.  If you are using Putty, right click to paste text from your clipboard into the CLI.  Press enter.  If you see the normal prompt header (i.e. pbxadmin@Protel-LTS-JBCA:~$), and no other messages, the file has been installed and is now available to restore from the UI.
  • In the PBX web UI, use the “Restore from Backup” command and select the file you just uploaded from the available backups listing.

NOTE:   when you restore a backup from one Protel to another, the web UI pbxadmin password transfers from the original PBX.  This does NOT change the CLI pbxadmin password.  If you want the CLI password to match the replacement UI password, you will need to change it manually using the Change OS Login Password link, located under the Admin Tools tab.

The restore command does not change network settings.  You will need to change those manually, either through the web UI or the CLI, before the PBX will be functional for an existing deployment.

You are required to contact nexMatrix support whenever you restore a backup file between two different PBX servers so that we can update our licensing records.