Protel LTS and Protelity LTS offer a full-service dial-by-name directory.  This feature directs callers to use their number keypad to spell the first three letters of an extension user's first or last name in order to find that person and be connected to their extension. This feature is accessible to callers by assigning it as a destination in an auto-attendant.

To deploy the directory, simply add it to any auto-attendant menu.  In this example, pressing 1 during the attendant recording playback will send the caller to the directory system.  

The directory looks for matches by referring to the Name data field, under the General tab on the Modify Existing Extension page:

The caller is prompted to enter the first 3 letters of either a first or last name.  If the system finds any matches, it will begin offering them to the caller by playing back their recorded name (see deployment notes below) and giving the caller the option to connect to the extension of the name that was offered by pressing 1, or to continue to additional matches by pressing *.

Every extension user that has voicemail activated is also included in the directory by default.  You can, however, remove any user from being listed in the directory by unchecking the Show in Directory Option, under the Advanced tab:


The directory system plays back the user's recorded name to callers when it finds a match.  If this recording is not present, the system will instead spell the user's entire name, one letter at a time.  If you are deploying the directory feature, you should encourage users to make that recording by logging into voicemail from their phone.  Dial 98 from the extension, enter the voicemail password, press 0 to access the mailbox options, then press 3 and follow the prompts.

Voicemail is required in order for an extension user to be listed in the directory.  Extensions without the voicemail option turned on will not be included.