nexMatrix is pleased to announce the release of improvements to phone provisioning functionality.  For resellers and PBX administrators who use the auto-provisioning tools in Protel LTS and Protelity (hosted) LTS to create phone button programming files, we believe that these enhancements greatly improve the button editing capabilities and help streamline programming workflow.   These improvements include:

--Import capability from any existing template into a new one.  You can now use any existing button template, regardless of phone manufacturer or model, as the basis for a new template.

--Dynamic insertion and deletion tools.  You can now insert or delete a button into an existing list and the list will expand or contract at the insertion/deletion point.  This editing capability works on button templates as well as individual phone button files.

IMPORTING TEMPLATE DATA: To make use of a button configuration that has already been created, simply click on the Phone Button Templates link, under the Phones tab in the left navigation pane.  Select the manufacturer and model for the new template, give it a name, and click on Add Template.

Now, select the template you want to use in the new template, and click on Import

The importing process brings over ALL of the button assignments from the imported file, so if you are importing an existing file that contains more multi-purpose buttons than are available in the new phone, you will need to delete the extra ones after importing to avoid possible provisioning errors.

USING THE EDITING CONTROLS IN TEMPLATES: There are now controls placed to the right of each button entry.


The “down arrow” control  increases by +1 the index number of the current button, and each button below it.  The “up arrow” control  decreases by -1 the index number of the current button, and each button below it, and the button immediately above the current button gets deleted.  The “X” button simply deletes the current button but does not change the index numbers of the other buttons.

USING THE EDITING CONTROLS IN PHONE FILES: These controls work somewhat differently when you are using them in a specific phone’s configuration file (not a template).  The “down arrow” control moves the current button and all the buttons below it +1 in its index number (thus moving them down the list), and it also creates an additional button of type “unused” in the original position.  The “up arrow” control decreases by -1 the index number of the current button and all buttons below it (thus moving them up the list), and it also creates an “unused” button at the bottom of the list where the last button used to be.  You cannot delete a button in a phone configuration (unlike a template) unless you make it an “unused” type first, either by using the insert/delete tools, or by clicking on the “-“ control.  The “X” control will only be visible for buttons that are “unused”.


If you have any questions about these new features, please call us at 208-697-5808 and press 2 for Support, or open a ticket at