Effective Monday, August 15, we are lowering the suggested retail price of our Protel LTS model 2106 from $1,579 to $1,399.  Additionally, we are now shipping this PBX with 10 extension seats included, up from 6, and we have increased the maximum number of allowable seats to 25 from 21.  Reseller pricing levels, as always, are confidential, so please contact your account manager in order to receive the latest update.

We have also added enhancements to our hardware specifications.  All of our PBX products, including the 2106, are now being built with the newest available hard drives: SSHD hybrids.  These drives combine traditional disk storage with solid-state drive technology, resulting in incredibly fast boot times.  We are also making 100% solid-state drives available as a substitute for the hybrid drives on special order, with upgrade pricing depending on the desired storage capacity.

We believe that this price reduction, in combination with the increase in bundled seats and overall capacity, make the 2106 an extremely competitive option for SOHO/SMB premise PBX deployments.  Our all-inclusive enterprise feature set, which now includes PnP provisioning for Grandstream phones, gives our resellers a wide range of options for deploying state-of-the-art VoIP technology for customers of any size.

I have attached the updated data sheet for the 2106.  If you would be interested in getting data sheets for our entire product line, branded with your company logo as a nexMatrix reseller partner, please let your account manager know.