nexMatrix has released software updates to Protel LTS and Protelity LTS that make significant underlying changes in the way ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) events are logged in the PBX database.  This update will improve the accuracy and consistency of ACD reports.

Unless you have disabled automatic updates to your PBX, the new software will be downloaded when you log in as an administrator.  Since there are extensive code changes in this update, you may notice the routine taking longer than usual, depending on your PBX processor and its network connection.  When the update has completed, you will see an alert that tells you that a “Force Update” command will be required in order to complete the update and install process.  The new “Force Update” command will be visible under the Maintenance menu listing.  This command WILL terminate any calls in progress.  The PBX will continue to run normally until the “Force Update” command is executed, but this should be done at your earliest opportunity.  

“Force Update” will replace some underlying Asterisk and DAHDI modules and will restart those services.  The whole process should only take about 15 seconds.

Even if you are not utilizing ACD functions on your PBX, this update does need to be applied as soon as possible.

Please contact your account representative or our support staff if you have any questions or concerns.