Two popular features from our Protel LTS premise PBX products have now been added to the Protelity LTS hosted platform.  Dial-by-name directory and group paging are now active and working.
Dial-by-name directory is accessed by assigning a keypress option in any auto-attendant and selecting "Go to the Directory" as the target.  This feature allows callers to find an extension user by matching the first three letters of their first or last name.  The system will play back the user's recorded name if they have done so in their voicemail mailbox options, otherwise it will spell out the name.  In either case, the system will ask the caller to confirm which user they are searching for before connecting the call.  Users who have not recorded their name can do so by accessing the mailbox options (press 0 after logging in from the phone), then selecting option 3.  The presence of any extension name in the directory is on by default as long as they have voicemail activated, but this can be turned off by un-checking the box under the "Advanced" tab on the extensions setting page.
A paging group is very similar to a ring group, except instead of sending a ring alert to the phones in that group, the system sends a special header that turns on the speaker in each phone and broadcasts one-way audio from the originating phone to every end point.  Please note that in some IP phones, the "auto-answer by call info header" feature is not on by default and may need to be activated.  Paging groups should be used with caution in hosted environments.  A call to a paging group will establish voice call channels to every end point that is subscribed to the group.  For customers with limited bandwidth, it is not advisable to offer this feature.  For this reason, the ability to create paging groups is not on by default for customer hosted accounts.  If you are a reseller with full administrative access to your own Protelity LTS hosted server, you can activate paging group capability for individual accounts using the administrative tools.  For customer accounts that are billed and hosted by nexMatrix servers, please contact your account representative to have this feature turned on.