Note:  a complete attendant programming guide is posted here 

nexMatrix Telecom is pleased to announce an update to Protel LTS that provides flexible attendant scheduling based on calendar dates and times.  This “Holiday” feature can be deployed to automatically divert calls from any regular auto attendant to a specified holiday attendant.

To use this feature:

First, make sure your Protel LTS PBX has downloaded the update that was released today.  If the PBX does not automatically load updates when you log into it – or if you have turned off automatic updates - manually run the Update PBX command from the Maintenance menu.

Now, create one or more new attendants that you will then apply from the Holiday Scheduler.  You can build one generic attendant that can be applied to every defined holiday, or create any number of attendants with holiday-specific messaging and apply them to the schedule accordingly.  Each of these attendants can function exactly like a normal attendant.  You can simply have the recording play one or more times and then hang up, or add complexity such as keypress options to each one.

Once you have created one or more holiday attendants, use the Holiday Schedule tool to define the start and end date & time for each holiday throughout the calendar year.  For each holiday that you define, you assign the appropriate holiday attendant that will be activated.

Finally, go to the regular attendant(s) that you want to apply holiday scheduling to using the Edit Existing Attendant link, and check the Apply Holiday Schedule box (located right underneath the normal weekly schedule grid).  Don’t forget to save your changes and then run the Reload command.  Now, for each holiday that you defined using the scheduler, calls directed at the normal attendant will be diverted to the defined holiday attendant during the specified date & time range.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.