Two new enhancements were released today for the Protel LTS platform.  
Voicemail Abort   You now have the ability to allow callers to exit from the voicemail system and return to a call group or attendant.  In the Modify Existing Extension panel, there is an added section under the voicemail settings.  Here, you can specify the target for the call if either "0" (zero) or "*" (star) is pressed during the greeting message.  You can send the call to either a call group or an auto attendant by selecting the destination from the drop-down menu.
Disable Automatic Updates  The default behavior for Protel LTS is to automatically check for and install updates on the first administrative login each day.  We have now added the ability to disable this automatic feature; the control for this is located under theMaintenance Menu as Configure Auto-Updates.   If you deploy this option, the PBX will only check for and install updates if the manual Update PBX command is selected.
Please feel free to contact me or my staff at any time regarding any questions or suggestions regarding the Protel LTS platform