nexMatrix Telecom is pleased to announce the release of another enhancement to the Protel LTS PBX platform.  You now have the ability to assign AF (Assured Forwarding) or CS (Class Selector) values to each of the 3 types of SIP traffic originating in the PBX: Signaling, Voice and Video.   These markers get added to the headers of the SIP packets and enable networks that have DiffServ (Differentiated Services) abilities to place a higher QoS (Quality of Service) priority on that traffic.

There is a simple user interface available now in Protel LTS that allows you to deploy these QoS settings.  Under the Networking Tab, select QoS.  Use the drop-down menus to select either an AF tag or a CS tag to be added to your SIP traffic.  Now, run the Reload PBX command, and your traffic is now tagged. 

These tags can only be read and handled by advanced routers, and implementing them will have no effect on networks that do not support these protocols.  On complex networks, however, with advanced routing capabilities, deploying this enhancement can assure that your phone traffic takes priority over other types of data packets.  Since many SIP2 IP phones already support QoS settings, adding it to the PBX can enhance the integrity and quality of your phone traffic.